New podcast episode and a new direction 🙂

I’ve decided to change things up in the new year. Moving forward I am going to try a more thematic approach. So each month, my conversations and guests will focus on a particular theme. I’m really excited about this shift! I’m starting with the basics – for the next month, my conversations will be focused on relationships.

Relationships are such an important aspect of every part of our lives and we are going to cover the relationships with self, romantic relationships, parenting and in the workplace. I can’t wait to share these conversations with you. In this episode, I welcome my friend, fellow coach and business owner Oscar Licon. The thing that has always stood out for me in my conversations with Oscar is his beautiful presence. Don’t take my word for it, listen to the episode and experience it for yourself.

Among other things, Oscar and I chat about:  

  • The importance of presence in all relationships;
  • What you are bringing to the relationship is based your state of mind and the quality of relationship you have with yourself;
  • The importance of understanding your experience of life and your relationships comes from within; and
  • The beauty and space for growth the ebb and flow of relationships.

Here are a few thought bomb takeaways:

  • Our experience of life is based on the quality of relationship we have with each other and more so with ourselves;
  • When we are in our heads, caught up in a thought storm we don’t really notice things and people;
  • If you approach your relationships with curiosity and wonder, rather than judgement or criticism, you will be in a beautiful space where there is infinite potential;
  • When you are connecting with another person, do so to understand how they see their world, doing so will deepen your connection; and
  • If you are in a stressful or tumultuous relationship with yourself, this will affect every relationship you have. So fall completely and utterly in love with the amazing being that you are. 

Please continue to send me your feedback and questions, they help me serve you in my conversations. By the way, I’m loving the community we are creating. If you enjoyed this episode I would be really grateful if you could leave a review on iTunes. 

Until next time: Be well. Be inspired. Be You.

Much love,


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