“Life is available only in the present moment.”
― Thich Nhat Hanh
I’ve had a lot of conversations lately with individuals, parents, organizations and individuals who are struggling with relationships in one form or another. In each of these conversations we spent quite a bit of time talking about the power of presence.
The only time you will fully be able to experience life is in the present moment. When you are really present you are not engaged in time travel to the past, or to the future. It’s the only opportunity you will ever have to experience this moment in real time – we often underestimate the value of that. It offers you the opportunity to learn, to be curious, to let your body lead rather than your mind.
There is a vast difference between physical presence and the quality of your presence. Both are important, however, the latter is where the gold is.
As you go into the weekend notice the quality of your presence with your kids, with your partner, etc. How are YOU showing up?
Have you decided how a conversation will go before you have it? Have you decided what your child’s behaviour will be before it happens? Are you on devices or otherwise engaged while having a conversation with someone else?
If you answered yes to any of these I encourage you to try something different. Go into a conversation with curiosity and no expectations. Notice how it feels for you. Maybe there is a lesson in there for you.
Being in the moment is being fully alive, experiencing life in real-time it’s all about the power and quality of being fully present. We all want to feel like we are being heard, that we matter. The quality of our presence is a great way to show our employees, kids, partner, loved ones, etc that they are a priority – that they matter.
It’s not just about others, it’s also a great way to gauge how you are showing up in your own life.
Much love,

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