“The practice of deep listening is the practice of open inquiry, without assumption or judgement.” 
― Sharon Weil

I’m excited to share this beautiful conversation with you. In this episode, I chat with the wise and wonderful Declan Stout, a caring human being with a big heart who is on a journey to transform many lives. We are talking about something near and dear to my heart – deep listening. 

Declan is the heart and soul behind Listen With Love – a beautiful space for people to donate their time to listen, and on the flip side, a free space for people to be listened to. 

In this conversation we talk about:

  • Deep listening: what it is and why it’s so powerful;
  • How to listen deeply;
  • The power of being present in a conversation; and
  • The innate wisdom within every human being. 

Have you ever wondered what kind of listener you are? I always thought of myself as a good listener until I learned about deep listening. When I did it completely changed everything in my business and personal relationships. It is a game changer. I used to want to solve people’s problems for them. I listened to point them to how strong, courageous and amazing they were. Sounds good right? WRONG!! Listen to understand, listen to give the person you are talking to space to find their OWN wisdom, listen with love. Thank you Declan for this beautiful conversation.

Here are a few thought bomb takeaways:

  • Deep listening is an incredibly powerful thing. It is not about listening to respond, affirm, negate it is about being fully present. 
  • What makes deep listening so impactful is the connection and showing up as an empty vessel;
  • There is power in the pause, when we don’t respond right after someone has finished speaking, we are giving them the space to find their own wisdom; and
  • Wisdom comes from both sides in a conversation. Let your wisdom guide you either as a speaker and a listener; 

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Until next time: Be well. Be inspired. Be You. 

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Website: WISDOM GUIDES: Home

FB Page: Listening with Love – A Safe Space to Talk @safespacetotalk


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