Schools, Groups, Businesses

Schools and Youth Organizations

For schools and youth organizations, training focuses on cultivating connection, potential, and resiliency in our children and youth. Through mentoring and education they are exposed to how human experience works thereby gaining a true sense of their resiliency and infinite potential.

Example of training topics include: Judgment and Reasoning; Surviving Stress, Self-Esteem, Fear and Insecurity; Healthy Relationships; Bully Prevention; Anxiety; What’s Your Super YOU Power?

Training is designed to meet the requirements of a variety of age groups.

Prices available upon request.

Small Businesses and Organizations

For businesses, CPR (connection, potential, resilience) training is designed to meet specific objectives, highlight leadership potential, or to provide an overall understanding of how the human experience works and how that can lead to enhanced performance, improved communication, and overall satisfaction.

New for 2018: Bullying in the Workplace, Stress in the Workplace, Handling Difficult Conversations

Prices available upon request.

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