“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars and see yourself running with them.” Marcus Aurelius

The first day of the new year always feels so fresh, like a big, beautiful canvas just waiting to be filled with your magic.

When I think back on the past year, it is like one big beautiful mess. It is a year that has rocked our worlds in so many ways. We have experienced such loss and grief on a global scale, tragedies that have impacted and united people around the world. Family and friends have divided over differing beliefs, compliance or non-compliance based on individual perceptions of their inner and outer worlds.

It has rocked people to their core, pushed people beyond their perceived edges of safety and yet when we take the time to dig deeper, there is so much more.

On the flip side, we have witnessed incredible innovation, potential, resilience, kindness, growth and we have witnessed people around the world coming together in the most beautiful ways.

I spent the morning reflecting on the things that both shaped and supported me throughout last year. I had to pivot my work as a self-employed, single parent when schools shut down in the spring. One of the most challenging things was not being able to see my Mom who lives in a retirement home that was in lock-down for several months,  the death of two family members, my son getting COVID and the subsequent challenges of continuing long term effects.

These events have shaped how I showed up in my life this year. I have been rocked to the core, experienced fear and sadness so intensely and spent a great deal of time being comfortably (and at times uncomfortably) numb.

Yet these moments were surpassed by an incredible outpouring of love and support from others, my relationship with my son is so strong, my mom’s home has been successful at keeping COVID out of the home, my on-line coaching continues to thrive with clients around the world, I have been able to continue my volunteer work with women and children who have been trafficked, I love coaching kids and teens and we had a great launch for our ‘It’s Good To Be Me’ workshops for kids and teens.

So. Totally. Blessed.

I decided to take some time last night to reflect on things I appreciate about the past year. I received a beautiful journal as a Christmas gift (I am a journal junkie). The quote at the beginning of this post is the one I chose to put on the first page. I spent the evening doing a 10 x 10 exercise (it sounds technical, but I just made it up). I highly recommend taking the time to do this, it’s a gift to give yourself as you start the new year.

Here’s how you do it:

Choose 10 themes (for me I chose things like Mom, Friendships, Knowledge, Health, Personal Life, etc) and for each of these things write down 10 things about each of the themes you appreciate. Sounds simple enough right? I’m only halfway through because it is a beautiful, reflective way to close out 2020. I think this is something I will do at the end of/beginning of each year.

I love how fitting it is that hindsight really is 2020!

Wishing you all a spectacular year ahead filled with much love, laughter and wonderful adventures.

Much love,







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