I love conversations with people who exude wisdom and passion. I have previously tried to understand the Law of Attraction but never felt that I fully grasped the understanding. I met Dominic at a three principles workshop and was intrigued to learn that he had a deep understanding and passion for the law of attraction and Abraham Hicks. I was thrilled to chat with him. There is always something to learn from showing up in a conversation with an open mind. I have learned so much from him and wanted to further the conversation with Dominic on my podcast.

Dominic Scaffidi is an Executive Coach who is grounded in the three principles understanding and is also a student of Abraham Hicks. Prior to my discussions with Dominic, I thought this combination was unique, however, after several conversations I see the complementary nature of these understandings. I’m really grateful for this conversation. 

We take a deep dive into:  

  • The Law of Attraction and the teachings of Abraham HIcks;
  • The Three Principles understanding; and
  • How the understanding of Abraham Hicks and the Three Principles are complimentary.

Here are a few thought bomb takeaways:

  • Thought is so powerful, it has incredible momentum, and is the missing link between the spiritual and physical;
  • Thought is the creator, feeling is the indicator of that thought, there is so much information in the feeling;
  • You are always creating your own reality, what you consider as magic or miracles can be reframed into your system of beliefs and takes on a completely different form; and
  • When something is true life will teach it to you, I love the simplicity of this.

I could have talked to Dominic for hours, he is such a wise soul and his passion is infectious. This was a great conversation, but a bit more theoretical than both of us expected. We have decided to continue the conversation to discuss the LOA and the teachings of Abraham Hicks from a more practical standpoint. More of that in episode #15. We are also going to do a live webinar on Friday, January 18th to open this conversation to a wider network. 

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Until next time: Be well. Be inspired. Be You.

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