Life’s Challenges and Wisdom of a Twenty-Year-Old – Episode #24

Life’s Challenges and Wisdom of a Twenty-Year-Old – Episode #24

Have you ever wanted to take a deep dive into the brain of a young adult? To understand what the world looks like for them? Not what we THINK it should look like, but what is it really like? I’m always fascinated to chat with the younger generation (ha, that makes me feel so old).

I’m thrilled to share a conversation between myself and twenty-year-old Dan Arscott. Dan is a third-year physics student, currently living in Bordeaux, France. He’s a creative who has a passion for cooking, and also for helping young people embrace their own innate wellbeing. 

Among other things, we talk about:

  • When we embrace the self-criticism, self-doubt, and negative stories about ourselves;
  • Balancing young adulthood, sharing the truth about being gay and starting university; and
  • The practical aspects of the laws of physics.

Here are a few thought bomb takeaways:

  • This too shall pass – an adage that reflects on the temporary nature of the human condition is a perfect reflection of our experiences in life, whether good or bad – they are temporary moments;
  • Engaging in anxious thoughts, criticism, fear of failure is not just something that adults do. Children and young adults dance with these stories as well. They benefit tremendously from having conversations with them about the power of thought and how our human operating system works;
  • Children and youth are trying to navigate the world as they see it. As they reach adolescence they are going through a lot of changes. Try and meet them where they are at, not where you think they should be. Give them a wide berth and create a space where they can talk through their lens with you. Doing so will have a profound impact on their world; and
  • This one is for all the adults, teachers, anyone who makes blanket statements about or to young people. (For example, telling children that they aren’t academic, or smart, or athletic, or enough). You have no idea what kind of impact that statement might have on them. I wonder what Dan’s teacher who said he wasn’t really academic would think now? To know he is not only in his third year of physics at University, but it taking his third year in French! Wow!!!   

I hope you enjoy this conversation. I enjoyed my conversation with Dan immensely. If he is this wise at twenty, I look forward to watching what transpires for Dan. 

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