When Judgement is Replaced With Curiosity – Episode #23

When Judgement is Replaced With Curiosity – Episode #23

The judgement of self and others is something we all do. What happens when we replace judgement with curiosity? It’s fascinating and getting curious is a wonderful opportunity to dig deep within.

In this episode:

A warm welcome my guest Jonelle Simms. She is a lovely soul who as a result of a spiritual awakening, left the corporate world to focus her time and efforts on Community. She now works as a coach, delivers corporate workshops and works with those who are marginalized and suffering in the community,

In this fun chat we take a deep dive into:
  • What happens when questionable people move in next door? Do you love thy neighbour or do you move?;
  • When you stop searching for a fix in the self-help industry and accepting life as it is, you realize that suffering is an illusion;
  • The power of unconditional and impersonal love; and
  • The resilience of those who are marginalized and suffering.
Here are a few thought bomb takeaways:
  • When we show up fully, and are fully present, without our own agenda or ego and we meet people where THEY are at – that is true service;
  • It’s easy to judge others who are less fortunate, but when you change the lens you are looking through, or take off the judgement googles, you will see that those who are struggling are actually the epitome of resilience; and
  • Thinking, specifically overthinking can be so toxic. It can feel like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. The power of thought is incredible. The fact that you think is part of being human, learning that you don’t have to engage with those thoughts is life-changing.  

This is a fun and engaging conversation. I hope you enjoy it. If you have any questions about the three principles please do not hesitate to reach out. I think it’s evident from all my podcast guests who are members of the community that we LOVE to share this understanding.   

Please keep the emails and feedback coming. I love hearing from you.

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Until next time: Be well. Be inspired. Be You.

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 A Journey from Severe Anxiety to Wellness

 A Journey from Severe Anxiety to Wellness

Hello my beautiful community. I’m happy to be back online after a wee break to do some travelling and training. Last week I travelled to the UK to meet a client in person (amazing!) and to do some training (also amazing). I am a student of life and so enjoy learning, the focus of this training was on uncovering resilience in the next generation – what a fabulous investment. I will be implementing some upcoming workshops based on the training I took. Stay tuned.

I’m excited to release a new podcast episode today. Many of the clients I work with come to me because they are struggling with anxiety. It’s a topic near and dear to my heart and I’ve been looking forward to taking a deep dive further into this conversation. In this episode, I chat with Sarie Taylor. Sarie went through a period of severe anxiety in her twenties and was hospitalized, she then went on to train as a psychotherapist to help her better understand and manage her anxiety. Then she came across the three principles understanding and now works as a coach who specializes in anxiety.

During this conversation, we take a deep dive into:

  • The journey from intense, life-crippling anxiety to wellbeing;
  • What happens when we trust that we are okay;
  • The power and potential of showing up with no agenda; and
  • The magic that happens when we don’t attach ourselves to labels.

Here are a few thought bomb takeaways:

  • The is immense power and potential when we don’t adopt the notion that we are broken and need to be fixed;
  • We all have anxious thoughts because we are human. We don’t and can’t fix that fact;
  • When a parent or teacher embraces the fact that the child has innate wellbeing (we all do), the child is more likely to embrace that fact as well; and
  • We experience much less anxious thinking, life flows better and is much more enjoyable when we don’t engage with the vicious cycle of overthinking.

I LOVE connecting with you and reading your emails so please continue to reach out with your comments, questions and feedback.

Until next time be well, be inspired, be you.

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The Changing Relationship With Self and Others Through The Ebb and Flow of Life

The Changing Relationship With Self and Others Through The Ebb and Flow of Life

Happy Friday! You are in for a treat today. The conversation I have with my guest Shenan Charania in this episode is such a powerful one. The connection, ease and flow were amazing. We talk about the changing relationship with self and others through the ebb and flow of life.

Shenan’s life journey is so interesting. Currently, he is a transformative coach who works with inspirational leaders. He has a lovely presence which I think you will hear.

During this conversation, we take a deep dive into:  

  • How looking for a sense of belonging led to being involved with gang life for over ten years and the realization that a sense of belonging doesn’t come from others, things, experiences;
  • Distorted perspectives and how they play out in life;
  • The journey of self during the journey of life. From the gangster lifestyle to owning a Tim Horton’s to being a coach; and
  • Shame and guilt for past behaviours and choices don’t serve you.

Here are a few thought bomb takeaways:

  • Distorted thinking leads to distorted actions. When someone has a shift in perspective, relationships change in immeasurable ways;
  • Our own interpretation of the past changes as we evolve in our own personal growth;
  • People spend so much time, money and effort searching for the answers to who am I and where do I belong from others, books, drugs, alcohol, food, etc. These efforts are futile, it is only when we shift the direction of our search inwards will we find the answers; and
  • The most beautiful relationship you will ever be in is the one with yourself.

I enjoy reading your emails and appreciate your feedback.

Until next time: Be well. Be inspired. Be You.

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Live Your Best Life 101

Live Your Best Life 101

Live Your Best Life 101

This episode is a great one. I loved my conversation with the witty and wise Amir Karkouti. In addition to being a loving husband and father, Amir owns several restaurants, he’s a kick-ass coach and works at a recovery centre. I had the honour and pleasure of participating in a Professional Coaching course with Amir and Ankush Jain, it was a such a fabulous journey. The two of them work together in such an inspiring and complimentary way. What I’ve seen with Amir time and time again is that he shows up fully and gives with such an open heart.

This conversation is a great one, among other things we chat about:

  • Taking action despite the quality of our thinking in the moment;
  • Even if we look different from the outside, we are all looking for the same thing on the inside;
  • When we are trying to figure out life from a conceptual place we are not living; and
  • The power of showing up and doing our best.

Here are a few thought bomb takeaways:

  • The secret ingredient in life, coaching, business, etc. is showing up as YOU;
  • There is no-one who can do you better than you;
  • Life flows much better when we are not caught up in trying to conceptualize everything; and
  • The heart of the matter IS what matters.

If you enjoy this episode I would be grateful if you could leave a review on iTunes. If you think others would enjoy it please feel free to share. If you have any comments or feedback please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Until next time: Be well. Be inspired. Be You.

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Empowering Women – Free The Girls

Empowering Women – Free The Girls

This conversation highlights the power of empowering women. It has such a massive ripple effect.

One of the reasons I started this podcast is to show the power of connection, potential, and resilience. This conversation exemplifies all of these qualities. In this episode, I have the pleasure of having a conversation with Selah Davenport, Operations Manager of Free The Girls, an organization that helps girls freed from trafficking live a life of freedom.

This is an area near and dear to me. There are many of us in the mental health and wellbeing industry who have much to offer in this area.

The world needs more of these conversations. The news is filled with what’s wrong in the world. Imagine what would happen if we focused on the amazing things individuals are doing in the world. When we focus on helping lift each other up, there is a ripple effect of goodness. 

Some highlights from our conversation include:

– the power of empowering girls after they exit trafficking and exploitation;

– the ripple effect of helping girls and women attain economic independence; and

– how donating gently used or new bras can make a tremendous difference in the lives of others.  

I hope you enjoy the conversation and feel inspired to help out in any way you can. If you have any comments or questions please reach out, I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time, be well, be inspired, be you.

Much love,


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Blog – wonderful storytelling about our programming, program partners, women in the program and supporters

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The Answer To Ending War

In this episode we travel across the world to Tel Aviv to talk to Stephanie Fox, Middle-East Director of One Solution Global. She’s a small town Minnesota ready to take on the world. Her passion for ending war and contributing to social change is contagious. I’m so inspired by the work Stephanie is doing. I think you’ll enjoy this conversation.  

Some highlights from our conversation include:

– the history of states and how humans politically organized themselves;  

– addressing some of the worlds larger and society’s smaller problems are easier than we might think; and

– the difference you can make in the world by following your passion.  

I was so inspired by this conversation. I am passionate about resolving conflict at the personal level, and this conversation helped me realize that addressing the conflict whether or a personal or global level starts at the same point. Please feel free to reach out with any feedback.

Much love,


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