Happy New Year

Happy New Year

“Today Is The Most Important Day Of Our Lives.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and are feeling recharged as we enter into a new decade.

Big changes have been happening over the past few months. In September of last year, I took the lead on an exciting new campaign in Canada – My Mental Health Rocks. This amazing campaign started in the UK is all about promoting wellbeing, resilience and raising awareness of our innate mental health and wellbeing in children, youth and teens. I’ll provide more details about that in a separate post.

This new role has taken all my focus and effort, as a result, I put The CPR of Life podcast on hold. I’m happy to be starting it up again next month with some fabulous new conversations focused on mental health and wellbeing.

For now, I want to share a few words with you as we enter 2020.

I see a lot of posts about resolutions, not having resolutions, what the new year means, etc. I wanted to share a few thoughts as we begin a new decade. Let this time be whatever best serves you moving forward in your life.

If it helps you to have resolutions go ahead and create a list, but leave room for the beauty of the unknown. Don’t get caught up in the anxiety of not meeting an expectation you created for yourself. If you have no desire to create a list then don’t.

There is so much magic in the unknown. Be curious, be open to new experiences, opinions, beliefs.

My wish for you as you start this decade is that you embrace your greatness. No-one can do you as good as you can, so you do you. Embrace all that you are beyond the stories you engage in – beyond the fears, the judgement and the criticism. You are a beautiful bundle of infinite potential.

Stop searching and start living. Often when working with clients they are striving for something, to be something, to have something. They are so focused on all the absence of things they are missing out on the most incredible gift we all have – the present moment. What about right now?

Be grateful for all that you are, you are enough, right now just as you are. Whatever you are searching for will not make you more amazing. I’m not saying don’t try to better yourself, to learn a new skill, etc. Just know that you are starting from a place of already being more than enough, just as you are.

Be more than kind to yourself, your inner being is always with you, it is the unique light that makes you literally one in 7.8 billion. Read that again, you are one in 7.8 billion! As you move forward in this decade embrace that unique statistic. Embrace all the things that make you so incredibly unique. Have more presence, find beauty in the ordinary, have amazing adventures and beautiful connections.

Cultivate the most extraordinary relationship with that inner being that is always with you. Ready to shine through the layers of judgement, criticism, the excuses, the stories. I promise you that it will be the most rewarding relationship you will ever have. It will be the most valuable way to spend your time as you move forward.

I wish you all much love, peace, gratitude, curiosity and presence as you begin 2020.


Rediscovering Who You Really Are – Episode #30

Rediscovering Who You Really Are – Episode #30

Life is a journey. Depending on the stage we are at, we may be discovering something new about ourselves or rediscovering something we touched on at another time in our journey. In this podcast episode, my guest is author and coach Ankush Jain.   

It’s a wonderful and easy read. It was great to talk to Ankush about writing a book and the wisdom behind rediscovering (or discovering) who you really are. 

We talk about:

  • Why Ankush wrote the book;
  • The process and challenges of writing a book; 
  • The ebb and flow of life; and
  •  How transformation is at the heart of everything Ankush does in his work. 

As I mentioned I recommend this book, it is an easy read filled with gorgeous nuggets. It’s always nice to hear the background of how and why a book is written. 

Here are a few thought bomb takeaways:

  • Our reality is a reflection of our thinking moment to moment. There is a tremendous benefit to tapping into who we were before getting caught up in our thinking;
  • Younger children show up unfiltered, without a lot of thinking about who they are (or are not), how they are showing up, etc. When we learn how our reality is created we are more likely to tap back into this unfiltered presence; and 
  • When being of service is at the heart of your coaching business (and really for any business in general) clients feel that and are more likely to gain insight and experience of transformation.   

I hope you enjoy this conversation.

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Until next time: Be well. Be inspired. Be You. 

Much love, Jessie-Lynn

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Ankush’s Book “Sweet Sharing”





From Suicidal Ideation to Living a Spirited Life

From Suicidal Ideation to Living a Spirited Life

I am so blessed to connect with and have such beautiful conversations with amazing souls around the world. I never know what will unfold in my conversations and I love that. In my conversation with rebel girl and transformation coach Nicky Bartley, we talk about her journey from suicidal ideation to living a beautiful life.  

We cover a lot of ground in this conversation including:

  • Living a secret life with stress, depression, suicidal thoughts and attempts;
  • Even at rock bottom how you are always okay; and
  • When we peel back the layers of the inner critic the beauty of life unfolds.

Here are a few thought bomb takeaways:

  • When we create a story of low self-worth and not-enoughness we stay behind the mask. It’s such a heavy place to live. We limit ourselves because we believe the story we have constructed. If we live in this state for long enough it starts to manifest symptomatically in our bodies. When we allow ourselves to drop the mask, we see that the potential and possibilities are limitless;
  • When we are feeling off track or off-kilter there is information in that, as Nicky says, your feelings are like a personal alert system. I heard a great metaphor by Dr. Bill Pettit, he referred to our feelings as a personal bio-feedback system. Feelings are not to be avoided, changed, managed, etc. Feelings are a barometer to the quality of your thinking. Nothing more, nothing less. How powerful is that!
  • Trying to control and manage our thoughts and feelings is exhausting and keeps us stuck. When we let go of the need to control we move quickly back into the flow; and
  • A beautiful life is really simple, even when it’s complicated. The simplicity lies in understanding that life ebbs and flows, thoughts, feelings, experiences of life change moment to moment. There is nothing you need to do but be in the moment.

I’m grateful to know Nicky. She has a special gift and the work she does has an incredible ripple effect. I hope you enjoy this conversation.

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Until next time: Be well. Be inspired. Be You.

Much love,


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The Journey to Wellness After Three Vicious Attacks

The Journey to Wellness After Three Vicious Attacks

This month I’m travelling the world vicariously with my guests. Today I am jet setting to Isreal to chat with author, coach and speaker Chana Studley. Chana and I met on a course on Mind, Brain and Body (fabulous course by the way). She survived three separate vicious attacks (rather mindblowing to think about the odds) which led to a period of time suffered debilitating PTSD and severe anxiety, in this episode, we talk about her journey to wellness. 

In this information-packed podcast, we take a deep dive into:

  • Surviving trauma not once, not twice but three times and our inbuilt resiliency;
  • How our body is like a personal alarm system;
  • What happens when we let go of our stories; and
  • The fascinating connection between the mind and body.

Here are a few thought bomb takeaways:

  • You are not your story. When severe trauma happens it is easy to embrace the story and let it define you. It can be difficult to let it go, and when you do, it opens the door to a whole new experience of life;
  • We are all born with an innate system that regulates our body. It is also there as a personal alarm to tell us when we are experiencing thoughts that take us away from our wellbeing. This innate system is such a gift. For Chana this personal alarm shut things down after years of being stuck in her trauma and afraid to leave the house;
  • Self-esteem is not hard-wired or even constant – it’s based on a story we tell ourselves and others. It feels true, however accepting it as truth and allowing it to define you is what keeps you stuck; and
  • The connection between mind, brain and body is fascinating AND life changing. By gaining an understanding of the mind and how we operate as humans we discover a way to tap into our wellbeing from an emotional and physical healing perspective.   

I hope you enjoy this conversation. It’s a deep one filled with many nuggets of wisdom.

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Happy Friday you beautiful souls. Until next time: Be well. Be inspired. Be You.

Much love,


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Life’s Challenges and Wisdom of a Twenty-Year-Old – Episode #24

Life’s Challenges and Wisdom of a Twenty-Year-Old – Episode #24

Have you ever wanted to take a deep dive into the brain of a young adult? To understand what the world looks like for them? Not what we THINK it should look like, but what is it really like? I’m always fascinated to chat with the younger generation (ha, that makes me feel so old).

I’m thrilled to share a conversation between myself and twenty-year-old Dan Arscott. Dan is a third-year physics student, currently living in Bordeaux, France. He’s a creative who has a passion for cooking, and also for helping young people embrace their own innate wellbeing. 

Among other things, we talk about:

  • When we embrace the self-criticism, self-doubt, and negative stories about ourselves;
  • Balancing young adulthood, sharing the truth about being gay and starting university; and
  • The practical aspects of the laws of physics.

Here are a few thought bomb takeaways:

  • This too shall pass – an adage that reflects on the temporary nature of the human condition is a perfect reflection of our experiences in life, whether good or bad – they are temporary moments;
  • Engaging in anxious thoughts, criticism, fear of failure is not just something that adults do. Children and young adults dance with these stories as well. They benefit tremendously from having conversations with them about the power of thought and how our human operating system works;
  • Children and youth are trying to navigate the world as they see it. As they reach adolescence they are going through a lot of changes. Try and meet them where they are at, not where you think they should be. Give them a wide berth and create a space where they can talk through their lens with you. Doing so will have a profound impact on their world; and
  • This one is for all the adults, teachers, anyone who makes blanket statements about or to young people. (For example, telling children that they aren’t academic, or smart, or athletic, or enough). You have no idea what kind of impact that statement might have on them. I wonder what Dan’s teacher who said he wasn’t really academic would think now? To know he is not only in his third year of physics at University, but it taking his third year in French! Wow!!!   

I hope you enjoy this conversation. I enjoyed my conversation with Dan immensely. If he is this wise at twenty, I look forward to watching what transpires for Dan. 

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Until next time: Be well. Be inspired. Be You.

Much love,


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The book Dan mentioned by Mara Gleason: 


When Judgement is Replaced With Curiosity – Episode #23

When Judgement is Replaced With Curiosity – Episode #23

The judgement of self and others is something we all do. What happens when we replace judgement with curiosity? It’s fascinating and getting curious is a wonderful opportunity to dig deep within.

In this episode:

A warm welcome my guest Jonelle Simms. She is a lovely soul who as a result of a spiritual awakening, left the corporate world to focus her time and efforts on Community. She now works as a coach, delivers corporate workshops and works with those who are marginalized and suffering in the community,

In this fun chat we take a deep dive into:
  • What happens when questionable people move in next door? Do you love thy neighbour or do you move?;
  • When you stop searching for a fix in the self-help industry and accepting life as it is, you realize that suffering is an illusion;
  • The power of unconditional and impersonal love; and
  • The resilience of those who are marginalized and suffering.
Here are a few thought bomb takeaways:
  • When we show up fully, and are fully present, without our own agenda or ego and we meet people where THEY are at – that is true service;
  • It’s easy to judge others who are less fortunate, but when you change the lens you are looking through, or take off the judgement googles, you will see that those who are struggling are actually the epitome of resilience; and
  • Thinking, specifically overthinking can be so toxic. It can feel like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. The power of thought is incredible. The fact that you think is part of being human, learning that you don’t have to engage with those thoughts is life-changing.  

This is a fun and engaging conversation. I hope you enjoy it. If you have any questions about the three principles please do not hesitate to reach out. I think it’s evident from all my podcast guests who are members of the community that we LOVE to share this understanding.   

Please keep the emails and feedback coming. I love hearing from you.

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Until next time: Be well. Be inspired. Be You.

Much love,


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