When you dance with the Universe, let it lead.

Be You was created from the desire and commitment to highlighting our innate mental health and well-being. It’s about making emotional hygiene part of daily conversation and practice. Be You is about awakening, educating and inspiring individuals to embrace who they are – just as they are. It’s about cultivating connection, embracing potential, and recognizing resilience. Join me as we create, cultivate and awaken as a community where the only requirement is to show up – just as you are.

It’s about being willing to dance with life and let it lead. It’s about showing up just as you are. No labels, no judgments, putting faith before fear. When we let go and give ourselves permission to live, without fear, without judgment we embrace the beauty of life, the beauty of knowing we are born with an innate resilience and wellbeing.

It’s about education – making conversations about mental health and wellbeing part of our daily practice. Making it normal to say I’m not okay, I’m overwhelmed, I’m sad, I’m lonely. Doing so takes away the stigma, and replaces it with permission to live, to be who we are, knowing that thoughts and feelings ebb and flow, they are not static. They are part of life.  

It’s about letting go – of fear, of judgment (of ourselves and others), of attachment, of expectations, of labels, and in letting go we give ourselves permission to be who we are. We are more able to cultivate a kindness to ourselves and to those around us. It’s about making being human more acceptable.

It’s about connected conversations. Conversations are the foundation for beautiful relationships, with ourselves and with others.  


Be You is a mental health and wellbeing global initiative to individuals to connect with, embrace and be proud of who they are. To create a safe space to awaken, inspire and embrace the potential, and innate resilience that lies within.  


To inspire individuals to awaken and embrace the greatness within and encourage them to show up in the world just as they are. To let go of the controls and dance with life, to stop turning away from their true selves, looking for validation, love, acceptance, and security from other people and things (drugs, alcohol, social media likes,etc.) and to point them in the direction of their innate mental health and wellbeing – to inspire them be the best version of themselves.

Be You – Children  

One of the most valuable things we can teach our children is to point them to the mental health, innate resilience and well-being they were born with that it with them throughout their lives – their Super YOU Power.

Be You – Youth

You are as perfect and whole as anyone else. Love, acceptance, validation, etc. can’t be found in others, friends, social media likes, etc. They are never found outside of yourself, if you look for them outside of yourself the solutions will be temporary. The only place you will find them is within yourself. Resilience, well-being, love, and hope are always with you.

  • You are not broken
  • You are never lacking anything
  • You are not your thoughts or feelings. They are temporary and cannot hurt you.

Be You – Women

It’s about taking a journey, peeling back the layers, tapping into the wisdom that gives us permission to take off the armour, the masks we wear when we subscribe to the thinking that I am not loved, loveable, worthy, beautiful, successful therefore I have to be someone else – look different, feel different in order to be who I truly am.

It’s about tapping into our inner wisdom, embracing the gift of life. Knowing that just as life ebbs and flows, so does our thinking. When we lean in flow and let go of the need to control the uncontrollable life becomes easier, lighter, we stress less and play more.


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