Children/Youth Coaching Corner

“Children are not things to be molded, but are people to be unfolded.”  — Jess Lair

Often children go through life reacting to change, struggles, and development. They can feel overwhelmed and anxious. What if they had the foundation to be proactive, to navigate life’s ebbs and flows with ease, confidence and grace. Navigating the world of social media, peer pressure, friendships, relationships and changing family circumstances can feel overwhelming. Having a neutral party to talk through their feelings can help them find their own voice, innate strength and courage to thrive in the face of adversity. 

Whether it be to sort through struggles, embrace their potential or uncover their resilience, our conversations are focused on helping them awaken and embrace the greatness within and encourage them to show up in the world just as they are. 

Working with children and youth is my passion. I believe one of the most valuable things we can do for our children is to point them to the mental health, innate resilience and well-being they were born with – I call it the super YOU power. When they see the power they have within they are equipped to be proactive and approach situations in their lives embracing their inner wisdom, courage and strength. 

I work with children and youth individually, in workshops and within organizations.

“The potential possibilities of any child are the most intriguing and stimulating in all creation.”  — Ray L. Wilbur 

It’s Good To Be Me!!!

I’m passionate about helping children and teens explore and embrace their greatness. We focus on the strengths and helping beautiful young souls find discover and use their own unique voice. Through one-on-one and workshops we explore wellbeing, resilience and the many ways we are unique and how to embrace our uniqueness. We always do this in a fun and interactive way.

Check out the IGTBM website for updates and current events:

Throughout the year we offer a variety of workshops. 

What are the workshops about? 

It’s GOOD To BE ME workshops are a FUN, INTERACTIVE and ENGAGING way to discover the many amazing things about our wellbeing and how it is there to guide us every day, specifically when we are feeling big emotions, anxious or stressful thinking, experiencing change, challenges or difficult choices. We will also uncover how and why we are each AMAZING and UNIQUE in our own way.

  •  The workshops are interactive, engaging and fun;
  • The activities are based on social and emotional learning and are suited to inspire self-awareness; 
  • We encourage participation and value each unique voice;
  • They provide a good foundation from which your children can grow;  
  • The conversations are fun and engaging and the activities are based on evidence-based wellbeing curriculums; and
  • The conversations and activities are tailored to each age group.   

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