Hello my beautiful community. I’m happy to be back online after a wee break to do some travelling and training. Last week I travelled to the UK to meet a client in person (amazing!) and to do some training (also amazing). I am a student of life and so enjoy learning, the focus of this training was on uncovering resilience in the next generation – what a fabulous investment. I will be implementing some upcoming workshops based on the training I took. Stay tuned.

I’m excited to release a new podcast episode today. Many of the clients I work with come to me because they are struggling with anxiety. It’s a topic near and dear to my heart and I’ve been looking forward to taking a deep dive further into this conversation. In this episode, I chat with Sarie Taylor. Sarie went through a period of severe anxiety in her twenties and was hospitalized, she then went on to train as a psychotherapist to help her better understand and manage her anxiety. Then she came across the three principles understanding and now works as a coach who specializes in anxiety.

During this conversation, we take a deep dive into:

  • The journey from intense, life-crippling anxiety to wellbeing;
  • What happens when we trust that we are okay;
  • The power and potential of showing up with no agenda; and
  • The magic that happens when we don’t attach ourselves to labels.

Here are a few thought bomb takeaways:

  • The is immense power and potential when we don’t adopt the notion that we are broken and need to be fixed;
  • We all have anxious thoughts because we are human. We don’t and can’t fix that fact;
  • When a parent or teacher embraces the fact that the child has innate wellbeing (we all do), the child is more likely to embrace that fact as well; and
  • We experience much less anxious thinking, life flows better and is much more enjoyable when we don’t engage with the vicious cycle of overthinking.

I LOVE connecting with you and reading your emails so please continue to reach out with your comments, questions and feedback.

Until next time be well, be inspired, be you.

Much love,


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