Wisdom, Parenting and The Power of Deep Listening

Wisdom, Parenting and The Power of Deep Listening

What a wonderful conversation I had in this episode with Dr. Jack Pransky, a Three Principles Author, Trainer and Practitioner. Jack’s approach is the same but his work spans across many disciplines including prevention, parenting, health and wellness. I admire Jack and often use his books in my coaching or when I’m working with a group of children.

His passion for spreading his message is evident in his work, his writing and most importantly, in his presence. I had the pleasure of attending a workshop led by Jack earlier this year where I learned so much about the power of deep listening. The love and passion he has for what he does comes through in his books and is even more evident when you meet him in person. I hope you enjoy this episode. 

In this conversation we discuss:

  • challenges and approaches to parenting;
  • the power of deep listening;
  • how we create our experience; and
  • the power of being aligned with our own wisdom.

Here are a few thought bomb takeaways:

  • Wisdom is within each and every one of us, it’s like a quiet, gentle nudge;
  • Deep listening goes far beyond the words being spoken and being heard, embracing this will change your relationships. We are either listening or talking if we are talking we aren’t listening;
  • There is a lot of information to be found in being curious, especially when you are having trouble with someone;
  • Discipline that comes from a place of anger never achieves a good long-term outcome; and
  • Children learn from what we do more than what we say – a great question to ask yourself before you respond “what is my child learning from me? What do I want them to learn?

There were so many golden nuggets in this conversation. Parents, teachers or anyone working with children will find so many takeaways from this episode. I’m looking forward to the audio version of Jack’s books. I always find something new in them when I re-read them or use them in coaching sessions. I highly recommend all of Jack’s books. Links to the ones I use or share most often are included in the show notes. I hope you enjoyed this conversation.

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Until next time: Be well. Be inspired. Be You.

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Books mentioned in the show:

What is a Thought


What is Wisdom


Parenting From The Heart



The Secret To Living A Beautiful Life

The Secret To Living A Beautiful Life

“The thing that has made the difference in my life is letting life flow through me.” Jacquie Forde

Life is meant to be lived to the fullest. In this episode, my guest Jacquie Forde shows us what it is like to live a life of being unashamedly human. She’s a mischievous and lovely soul who is always ready for a laugh. From a professional perspective, Jacquie is a kick-ass coach and speaker focused on raising consciousness by sharing an understanding of how life works. She is also the host of a fabulous new podcast – Unashamedly Human. I highly recommend you tune in to her weekly chats. 

I loved my conversation with Jacquie. I wish I had pressed record on the pre-chat, we shared a lot of wisdom and giggles. Our conversation covers a lot of ground, some parts quite serious and others just fun. Some highlights from our conversation include:

– the power of not trying to fit into a round hole when you are a square peg, embrace who you are;

– the power of knowing that no-one is broken and no-one needs fixing; and

– life is much more enjoyable when we let life flow through us instead of trying to control, analyze or change our experience.

I hope you enjoyed the giggles and conversation. It was lighthearted but also full of wisdom.

Here are a few thought bomb takeaways:

  • Anyone who is struggling with addiction, self-harming, etc. is looking for a different feeling, it’s a misunderstanding about their experience of life;
  • One of the things we keep pointing to in this podcast is the power of understanding how human experience works. The evidence of sharing this understanding continues to be life-changing for so many individuals. Jacquie’s study with young women dealing with depression is evidence of this;
  • Memory is just thoughts carried across time. It’s not fresh information, it’s old information that may or may not be useful in the present moment; and finally
  • Every experience in life has something to show you.

Episode #7: The CPR of Life


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Empowering Women – Free The Girls

Empowering Women – Free The Girls

This conversation highlights the power of empowering women. It has such a massive ripple effect.

One of the reasons I started this podcast is to show the power of connection, potential, and resilience. This conversation exemplifies all of these qualities. In this episode, I have the pleasure of having a conversation with Selah Davenport, Operations Manager of Free The Girls, an organization that helps girls freed from trafficking live a life of freedom.

This is an area near and dear to me. There are many of us in the mental health and wellbeing industry who have much to offer in this area.

The world needs more of these conversations. The news is filled with what’s wrong in the world. Imagine what would happen if we focused on the amazing things individuals are doing in the world. When we focus on helping lift each other up, there is a ripple effect of goodness. 

Some highlights from our conversation include:

– the power of empowering girls after they exit trafficking and exploitation;

– the ripple effect of helping girls and women attain economic independence; and

– how donating gently used or new bras can make a tremendous difference in the lives of others.  

I hope you enjoy the conversation and feel inspired to help out in any way you can. If you have any comments or questions please reach out, I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time, be well, be inspired, be you.

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