Wisdom Within

Wisdom Within

Dear You

When you woke up this morning and looked in the mirror you had a lot to say, I heard you, I replied but I’m not sure you heard me.

You whispered: Oh God, look at me. I don’t want to leave the house today. I hate my hair, my face, my body.

I whispered: I wish you could see the beauty I see, you are so beautiful. You are perfect, your body gives you life – appreciate it for all it is and does. There is NOTHING wrong with you. Most importantly, hear me when I say you NEVER need the approval of others to be appreciated.

You said: I’m not good enough.

I whispered: You are more than enough. You ALWAYS were, you are now and you ALWAYS will be.

You whispered: My life is a mess.

I whispered: Has there been any moment when this wasn’t true? Is every single part of your life a mess? Let your mind quiet and look for the good. Life ebbs and flows, this moment shall pass. Most important, stop looking outside for answers. You already have all you need – and you always will.

You whispered: Nobody loves me. I am so lonely.

I whispered: You were created from love. You ARE pure love, you are loveable and so loved. Most important, NEVER look outside yourself for love, validation, acceptance. They are within, there is a limitless supply.

You whispered: I feel so lost.

I whispered: Your feelings are a barometer of your thinking. By understanding the connection between thoughts and feelings you would see that you already have all that you need, it’s innate and always with you. Allow your thinking to quiet and your wisdom will appear, look for beautiful feelings, once you find them your search is over. Just be with those feelings. When you find these beautiful feelings you are home. It is easy to get caught up in a thought storm. Don’t feed it, don’t fight it – let it flow.

Embrace the beautiful, unique, amazing and powerful person that you are. I am always with you. All you have to do is allow your thoughts to settle and listen.

Love from your innate wisdom.

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