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I am proud and honoured to be a Canadian Mentor for the WOW (Web of Well-Being) project, a global initiative to promote the well-being of children. What better way to invest in the lives of our children. To learn more about the project click here: https://webofwellbeing.org/

Over the next few months, I am doing a number of ‘WHAT’S YOUR SUPER YOU POWER‘ workshops with kids. To find out more information, or to inquire about having a workshop please get in touch.

GET UNSTUCK – over the next few months I will be doing workshops both online and in various locations. Please reach out for details.

In 2017 I conducted phase one of a pilot study into resilience and children going through separation and divorce. It was a huge success. Phase two will launch in the spring of 2018 – this phase will breakdown groups into smaller age brackets and include a larger number of children.

New for 2018:
Schools and Youth Programs – a workshop series aimed at helping children uncover and embrace their own resilience and wisdom.

Mental Health in the Workplace Workshop Series – Bullying in the Workplace, Handling Difficult Conversations, Stress in the Workplace.

I am currently in the development stage of a project aimed at reaching children and youth that may not have access to one-on-one training or workshops. Every child should know about, and how to access their innate resilience inside. If you would like to learn more or discuss possible partnerships please feel free to get in touch with me.

I am proud to be a member of the WOW – Web of Wellbeing Project. A global project promoting mental health & wellbeing in children. To learn more about this project: https://webofwellbeing.org/

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